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Related post: proved, might throw a shade of doubt over the surrounding portions. This suspicion is; that to a certain extent, nerves are more subject to Neuralgia as they approach nearer to the surface of the body: and I think that this will appear the fact to him who shall consider the cases as they may be collected, or as they have here been enumerated. With respect to this disease as it occurs in the face, this is very remarkable; and it seems to hold very generally, if with exceptions that will not materially de- tract from its value as a pathological observation. And Benzoyl Peroxide Uk if it be so, it is not very difficult of explanation: of that general expla- nation at least which is as much as can be expected in the pre- sent state of our knowledge. It is partly a case depending on the same general fact by which it happens that Neuralgia is the result of positive injury to a nerve, and partly on the other well known fact that it is induced by exposure to cold. Both of these particulars are too obvious to need Cleansers With Benzoyl Peroxide illustration at present: while this reasoning will aid in confirming the utility of a remedial process derived chiefly from experience, namely, of warm co- vering or an avoidance of the impression of cold on those Benzoyl Peroxide 5 Wash nerves which are least protected from it by their situations in the body. TOES. In one instance I have met with a Benzoyl Peroxide Clean And Clear highly marked case of this nature in a toe, arising from, or connected with, an obscure in- termittent accompanying a morbid spleen; and, in another, I 27S VARIOUS NEURALGIA. have seen a similar one, the produce of external injury. The latter, I must reserve to a future place. It is possible, that the recollections of many of my readers may enable them to add similar cases, not only to this one, but to such others among these Neuralgiae, as, to myself, have been solitary. In the case in question, the pain itself was limited to the very end of the toe; but, after some duration, an uneasy sensation, accompanied by numbness, extended along the branch and trunk, even into the sciatic nerve at the hip; while, even when that extended pain had not come on, the patient felt a Creams With Benzoyl Peroxide similar sensation on my attempting to trace the course of these with my finger, along the surface. The cure of this case proved somewhat difficult, though it was at length removed by the means already men- tioned; and while for some time it increased in severity, it Benzoyl Peroxide Soap at length happened that the uneasiness and numbness, after reach- ing the hip, reappeared in the shoulder, passing down through the ulnar nerve, and affecting the end Benzoyl Peroxide 4 of the finger of the same side which corresponded with that toe, or the ring finger. RECTUM. Of this, one very well marked case has occurred to me; and it was one that I had an opportunity of studying very minutely, while, for a long time, compelled to maintain my own opinion against the universal One of, I may almost say, an army of me- dical men, who had, with myself, the opportunity of examining it. No one had supposed such a case possible, as, in truth, scarcely any one would, at that time, believe in any other Neu- ralgia than that of the Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide face: and thus it is that blind habit and deficiency in philosophical reasoning form the great obstacle Soap With Benzoyl Peroxide to scientific improvement. That the symptoms were attributed to organic disease in the part, is what might have been expected: while gout was a solution that satisfied those who are always glad to find relief in this expedient, and while others, not an un- common class, attributed the whole to a morbid imagination: a solution which, among medical men, has always been one of the readiest cloaks for imbecility and ignorance. How Oxy Benzoyl Peroxide often this modification has occurred, I cannot pretend to conjecture; but lean point out at least one other very minutely recorded case, quoted in the Bibliotheque des Sciences Medicales, tallying very Clean And Clear With Benzoyl Peroxide near- ly with that which I shall describe. This case, however, I must remark, is not so viewed by the narrator: being in fact not understood, and being related as a mysterious one, as is so Adapalene And Benzoyl Peroxide common a practice under similar igno- rance. It is not therefore described in the best manner; though, as it is Clean And Clear Benzoyl Peroxide very minutely detailed, any one, now, after the expla- nations of these disorders which Lotions With Benzoyl Peroxide I How Much Is Benzoyl Peroxide have given, will be enabled to see his way through it, and to arrive at the same conclusion; VARIOUS NEURALGIA. 279 as every one, in fact, ought to have done long before, not less than the narrator himself; had such persons ever reasoned re- specting Neuralgia, or been guided by other rules than those of empiricism, whether as to conclusions or practice. And Benzoyl Peroxide Cleansers if, well known as this work is, and often read as that case must have been, no one has arrived at this conclusion, it is a sufficient proof, not merely that this particular mode of Neuralgia was not suspected, but that no reasoning has ever yet been exerted on the subject of that disorder, since it could not have failed to attract the attention which I am now directing to it. I believe Benzoyl Peroxide Oxy that it will be right here so far to depart from my general rule, as to describe the whole progress of this case, yet as briefly as possible, as a guide to practitioners; as I conjecture that it is by no means a very uncommon disease, and as it may, from the intricacy and variety of its symptoms, be really diffi- cult to ascertain in some cases, Benzoyl Peroxide Lotions even by a truly observing phy- sician. At the first attack, and for some weeks, it consisted in an oc- casional sensation like a spasm, apparently situated in the Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 5 ureth- ra, about the prostate gland; recurring three or four Benzoyl Peroxide Creams times a day, and causing little uneasiness. Gradually, these sensations in- creased in frequency, and were attended with a general sense of
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